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The law of repertoires (The law of possibilities-probabilities within space-time). Each moment in each point in space-time many factors interact and what comes up is one possibility from a lot of possibilities of the interaction of the particular factors.
There is no repertoire of a group of factors that has only one possibility, and:
What comes up belongs to the repertoire of the combinations of these factors – for something outside this repertoire to come up is impossible. Because all occur this way, we cannot have positive certainties but only negative and statistic certainties.
That is, we can be sure about what is impossible somewhere at a certain moment (because it does not belong to the spectrum of the repertoire of the combination of factors that is prevalent the given moment), but it is impossible for us to be absolutely certain that we shall have a specific result (that belongs to the repertoire of these factors) and not another one from within this repertoire.
Only statistically can we know how often each possibility of a repertoire comes about.
Attention, though!
There are possibilities that come about in nearly 100% (but never absolutely 100%) of the cases of a combination of factors, so we fall into the fallacious reasoning that in such cases only one result, the same always, comes about…
Example: We are certain that in a basketball game is impossible to happen a penalty, because this belongs in the rules (in the repertory) of football (of soccer), but we cannot be retain that the winner team will exceed the hundred points — however we can know in which percentage of basketball games this happens.
Almost every person, and not only people that resorting in some prophetic means, ask positive certainties — the non-existent in the universe! So, the pursuit of absolute positive certainties is the main factor for the problems that are produced and the relative infelicity from them.
In accordance with this law, the Systemic Astrology inform us in every space-time frame, and specifically for each person (according to the time and the place of his birth), what is impossible to happen (for sure), and what is most probable to happen among a concrete group (a repertoire) of possibilities.
Initially, for everybody and for everything there are alternatives, but, the fear of unknown blocks the various roads that are open to us, and the situation degenerates in an one-way fateful rail way…
A useful allegory: The whole situation of life is as a universal cosmic low, in concrete periods of time, put you, limit you, in a certain field of play, in an athletic stadium, in which you can play only the kind of game for which the stadium is constructed — this is really fateful —but, the quality of playing and the final score are not predetermined — they are depended from the freedom of conscience and (in relation to this) from the level of consciousness.
The freedom of conscience actually is only the freedom to be or not to be willfully blind, is freedom for self-deceit — every other kind of freedom is not genuine, is fake, because it can be violated or purchased.

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